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Corium is a unique brick rainscreen cladding system exclusively available in North America through Telling Architectural Systems. Corium combines the natural beauty of genuine brick, the performance of a ventilated rainscreen assembly, and a simple, cost effective installation process. Corium is owned and developed by the Wienerberger Company, the world’s largest producer of brick materials.

Developed in the UK and patented around the world (USA Patent No. 6421974) , Corium offers a high performance, durable, and easy to install brick veneer for new construction and retrofit projects.

With nearly a decade and a half of successful experience Corium offers a lightweight brick curtainwall facade in lieu of traditional hand laid brick masonry. Installing the Corium brick rainscreen system can be up to three times faster than traditional brickwork.

The Corium system is made up of genuine brick tiles, specially designed to be mechanically secured to coated galvanized tray sections. These profiled and interlocking sections are mounted in rows and the brick tiles are fixed permanently in place.


Strong & Durable
With a 60 year design life, the Corium brick system uses uniquely designed frost resistant brick tiles that are permanently secured to HPS200 coated and galvanized rail sections (stainless steel below grade).

Fast & Simple
Building with Corium can be up to three times faster than with traditional brickwork, and is quick and easy to install.

Versatile & Aesthetic
Available in standard and custom colors, textures, and glazes, Corium is designed to blend and complement any project. At only 14 pounds per square foot Corium is the best choice for recladding or replacement projects.

With a variety of sizes and a comprehensive range of special colors, Corium allows multiple bonding patterns including running, stacked, soldier coursing, etc. without compromising performance or build time.

Corium may be mounted at any angle to achieve more dynamic finishes, or even overhead to create soffits and ceilings. Mosaic and decorative patterns are easily achieved, adding an extra dimension to any project.



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